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Study on the Problems & Prospects of International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT), Kochi, Kerala | Original Article

Joseph. P.S. Dr .Atul Loomba in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Container terminal is a facility where from the cargo containers can be transshipped worldwide. The transshipment can be made between container ships and land vehicles at the container terminal facility. India is the major commodity exporters in this world. International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT) is playing very important role in shipping industries because exports bring in foreign revenue to the country’s exchequer. ICTT, Kochi was commissioned in 2011 with much fanfare offering big prospects and benefits to the Indian exporters. But there are some problems for the smooth functioning of the export/import process at ICTT, Vallarpardam, Kochi. The study mainly tries to find out the major problems associated with the ICTT and also the huge prospects and benefits for the Exporters.