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Does Recall influence Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study | Original Article

Dr. Ankita Pathak Dr. Vinod Malkar in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The era of marketing is changing. The traditional marketing has been converted into integrated marketing which includes all the promotional mix like an advertisement, sale promotion etc. Advertising has a huge impact on the mind of a customer but it has gradually deviated from its objective. As a result, new mode of promotion and communication tools has been evolved. The consumer wants to follow the trends of their favorite hero and heroine. It has given birth to product placement. Product placement can be stated as a paid form for exposure of their products by showing their features in films and television.  Brand owner and various product owners are in search of an innovative way of promoting their product in the market. The objective of the paper is to measure the effectiveness of product placement on purchase intention.  A structured questionnaire was developed to collect the responses of the respondent. A sample was collected from 199 people who are living in Kopargaon. Various tests like Reliability, Correlation, and Regression were applied with the help of SPSS v. 24. In order to check the reliability and validity of the data, Cronbach's alpha value was calculated. The analysis showed .789 which it considers to be good which stated that data is reliable for applying the various test. The Research concluded that recall of the product placed in movie direct viewer towards purchase intention. With this paper lecturer and various advertising agency, media planner, the brand head can implement and develop various blueprint and design in order to extend the use of product placement as a brand communication