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Recognizing Risk Insight & Purchase Intent across Online Platform | Original Article

Rohit Kumar Vishwakarma Dr.Atul Loomba in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


E-commerce in past was facing problems of internet friendly population, low penetration of ICT and internet in India, low percentage of credit and debit cardholders, as well as non willingness of people to use plastic money due to perceptual threat towards its use. But with the passage of time, it improved tremendously as people have started gaining confidence about purchasing products through online. Now it is becoming an integral part of modern life. In India, with abundance and diversity of information, easily found and conveniently shared facilities, Internet usage has grown exponentially by reshaping the informational and social needs. This study is an attempt to identify various risks involved in online shopping behaviour. It also tries to analyse the impact and usefulness of online shopping platform in the current scenario of lockdown in India, when social distancing is the utmost important weapon to fight with KOVID -19 viruses. The findings provide useful insight for understanding consumers' perceived risk in internet-based transaction to increase their involvement in online shopping and to reduce their cognitive dissonance in the e-commerce setting.