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Digital Resources and Services in JNU Medical College Library Aligarh: An Overview | Original Article

Neha Shrivastav Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khare in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In present era E-resources have become most popular sources of information among the Research Scholars, Teachers, Professionals and students. Today students have access vast among of information through a variety of sources like E- journals, E-Books, Database, Institutional repository and different format like Doc, File, PDF file, HTML file etc. The need of E-resources and online services among the users are also growing day by day and becoming very essential.                                                       Digital library are collections of digital content and services selected by a curator for use by a particular user community. Digital library offers direct access to the content of a wide variety of intellectual works, including text, audio, video, and data and may offer a variety of services supporting search, access and collaboration. This is greatly altered how library users find and access Information, and has put pressure on traditional library to take on new roles. Access to health information for medical professionals has become more essential because of new trends of practices in health care systems are taking place. Over the last decade electronic resources have become increasingly component of medical library collection. Now it becomes the life line of any library. This research paper has been the Digital Resources and services in JNU Medical College library Aligarh: an Overview. This study identifies those e-resources through which scientific information on health science can be retrieved.