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A SWOT Analysis of Revival of Indian Economy- Post Covid-19 | Original Article

Dr. Ravindra Nath Singh in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


As Covid-19 scare shuts the world down for business, corporate sectors are worried about the well-being of their employees and their business entity. Further, Covid19 has badly affected all the sectors in many folds; namely- production blockage due to lockdown, migration of labour force and shortage of goods supply due to transportation stand down. Export- Import sector has totally paralyzed, as Covid19 has worldwide affect on economy sector and almost covered entire nations as a plague. Almost every ranking agency, economic research houses, policy makers and economists has expected lowering of Global and Indian economy growth rate due to COVID-19 effect. A large amount of FDI & FPI stands withdrawn during this crisis hours, which were in fact really required to support Indian economy during this pandemic hour. On one side, it is important to ensure the growth rate does not fall further and on the other we should take tangible steps for a faster recovery to put economy on a high single digit growth rate soon.  It is expected that Government of India and policy makers will emphasis over encouraging of various indigenous sectors in manufacturing, trading as well as information technology and imposing of certain trade barriers & restriction on foreign business concern for functioning in Indian boundaries. Thus, this SWOT analysis is being focused on to identifying the impact on various sectors in short term and long term, export-import policy, effects on economic growth (GDP) and resources mobilization like capital, material and manpower including labour forces.