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A Study on Workplace Stress and its Impact on Employee Performance | Original Article

Jiny Jacob Dr. Neha Mathur Dr. Ravindra Pathak in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Stress is a part of life and is generated by dynamic situations that a person faces. It is the mental and physical state that occurs when the resources of an individual are not sufficient to handle the current circumstances. Certain amount of stress is essential for the growth of individual and even a part of stress can lead to the serious disorders. The challenge is a key ingredient for healthy and productive work. Challenge can be referred as the bit of stress good for the sustenance and growth and results to be positive. But when the challenge moves in fast pace with high impact and pressure, it lead towards negative impact of stress. This stress increases pressure and deteriorate the condition of the individual leading to harmful problems which may be of physical, mental, emotional, behavioral nature and even create imbalance in lifestyle. Managing the stress is needed to cope with the increasing level of challenges. Stress also ruins the accomplishment of targets. This paper shall throw light on the causes of work stress and how it can affect both the individual and the organization’s success. It will suggest measures to both management and employees to deal with stress.