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The Perception of Farmers toward Organic Farming in M.P. (A Case Study of Bhopal District) | Original Article

Nisha Dahiya in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Agriculture is the backbone of India. All changes in agriculture will result in the life of human and nature and vice-versa. There has been drastic change in the way we perform farming in past few decades. It is characterized mainly by the adopting of machinery and chemical technology in agriculture, replacing the traditional knowledge. The big change taken place during green revolution. Such change has resulted in environmental pollution, degradation of soil health, loss of bio-diversity and others. As the days went by, the farmers across. The nation has switched to modern agriculture without realizing the consequences the effects of modern agriculture has resulted in deterioration in soil quality, drastic impacts on availability of agriculture producer; besides impacting health and lifestyle of the people. Organic farming, which has been also known as traditional farming, has come as an alternative; still the farmers those who have been modern agriculture are hesitate to practice the Organic Farming. Hence, the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on organic farming largely influence their willingness to switch over to the organic farming. Thus, the present study focuses on the knowledge, attitude and practice on organic farming among the Bhopal districts.