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A Review of the Performance Characteristics of Open Graded Friction Course Layer | Original Article

Sakshi Sharma Tripta Goyal in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Open Graded Friction Course Is a Pavement Layer Laid As a Surface Course Over the Base Course In Pavements. Uniform Aggregate Gradation, Lesser Quantity of Fines and Filler Materials Give It a Porous Structure With Increased Percentage of Air Voids. the Bitumen Content For Ogfc Layer Is Slightly Higher Than That For Conventional Dense Graded Layer. Ogfc Has Been Used In Various Developed Countries With High Volume of Traffic and Rainfall Intensity Because of Enhanced Infiltration Properties Exhibited By the Layer. the Present Study Aims at Providing a Detailed Review of the Various Problems Encountered During the Service Life of Open Graded Friction Course As Well As the Measures That Have Been Taken In Order to Tackle These Problems In the Past. Various Benefits Provided By Open Graded Friction Course to the Pavement Layer Have Also Been Discussed Meticulously. Utilization of Different Types of Polymers That Have Been Obtained from Waste Recycling Plants In Modification of Bitumen Can Provide a Viable Solution to Improve the Performance Characteristics of Open Graded Layer In Addition to Decreasing the Burden of Waste Disposal on Landfills Throughout the Country and Achieving the Goal of Sustainability.