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Inclusive Education and Teacher Education Programme in India: A Review | Original Article

Dr. Lajmeet Kaur Dr. Preetee Pandey in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In Indian conditions the role of education is to transform a static society in to vibrant one with a commitment to development and change. It has been rightly said that an important ingredient of this metamorphosis is the emergence of a learning society in which people of all ages and all of sections not only have access to education but are involved in the process of continuing education. With this view so that all sections particularly the children with special needs. The role of generalist teacher is now affirmed as being an important component in the success or otherwise of inclusive education practice issues about the effectiveness of teacher preparation for working in inclusive classrooms have arisen. An evaluation of pre service teacher’s perceptions regarding their preparedness for inclusion had some interesting findings. It has been found that increasing knowledge about legislation and policy related to inclusion and improving levels of confidence in becoming inclusive teachers did not likewise address their concerns or perceived stress about having students with disabilities in their class. As universities re-evaluate their teacher preparation courses, a range of pertinent issues are identified that require consideration. With the complex and heterogeneous educational environment the challenges faced by the teaching profession are increasing day by day. Teachers need to have not only theoretical and practical knowledge but also the capacity to bring about optimal levels of learning for all students. In India the number of Disabled people is so large, their problem so complex, available resources so scarce and social attitudes so damaging, it is only legislation which can eventually bring about substantial change in a uniform manner. The main objectives of this study is to analyse how teacher education programmes prepares their teacher educators candidates for inclusive education classrooms for the students with special needs. Present study based on secondary data sources and reviews of previous researches.