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An analysis of Role of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation in Promoting Tourism in M.P. | Original Article

Dr. Neetu Sharma in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


India is a land of diversity where people of different culture and casts lives together. Among all the states of India Madhya Pradesh has its own beauty and attraction for National and International tourists. As it is situated in the centre of the country it is called as the hearts do India. It is among the 10 largest state of India. Area of M.P. is 3,08,252 km2. Further the State is well connected to other cities through rail, road and air. The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken many initiatives to develop the infrastructure facilities in the state. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development corporation was established to give speedy growth to the tourism activities in the state. MPTDC is making many plans and policies to promote the tourist activities so that the heart of India can be known as the world tourist place of the world. There are many places to see in Madhya Pradesh but very easy to miss while planning for the trip or holiday.. In this paper the researcher tries to introduce the MPTDC and its role in promoting tourism in the state.