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Green Audit: a Case Study of Saifee Golden Jubilee Quaderia College, Burhanpur, M.P., India | Original Article

Iftekhar A. Siddiqui* in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Green Audit is a requirement of “NAAC” committee to the college. The concept of Green audit, industries are using it as a management tool to evaluate the environmental standards, industries can perform better and better for the sustainable development of the organization. The Experiments on the nature by avoiding natural rules, this can be one major reason behind that is green Audit. The term ‘Green’ means eco- friendly or not damaging the environment. Green Accounting can be defined as systematic identification, quantification, recording, reporting analysis of components of ecological diversity expressing the same in financial or social terms drivers of green audit, future scope, benefits and advantages are necessary to understand, A total of 267 species (Angiosperms-256, Gymnosperms-11) and 56 families (Dicot-48, Monocot-08), have been reported from the study area. As part of green audit of study area, we carried out the environmental monitoring of campus includes waste management. (Vermicomposting, Bio-waste management), greenhouse effect, aquarium, mushroom culture water conservation, tree plantation, paperless work, vegetative propagation, butterfly garden, ventilation paperless work system and mapping of Biodiversity. Noise level in the campus is well within the limit i.e. below 50 dB at day time. This may lead to the prosper future in context of Green Campus thus sustainable environment and committee development. Further we hope, this will boost the new generation to take care of environment and propagate these views for many generations to come.