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Impact of Engineers Self Help Group in Jammu & Kashmir – A Study | Original Article

Rais Ahmad Khan* Altaf Hussain Haji in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The impact of (SHG) Self Help Group is considerable in the provisions of Self-Worthy viz, Confidence Building, Capacity Building, Self-Employment Opportunities and meet their Financial Crises, betterment in Decision-Making Capacity of SHG members in terms of social matters in family like Education, Marriage of their Children and Strong protest against the husband beating the wife which is common among poor (due to unfortunate Economic and Social Status). It has helped lowered the social issues, increased the communication skills and self-confidence and brought behavioural change in Engineers folk. The formation of SHG is not finally a Micro-Credit Project but an Empowerment Procedure. It has been evident that people belonging to Low Economic Standards (LES) were suffering at different fronts due to shortage of money and get compelled to take loans from the professional money lenders, who in turn exploit them in several ways. It has been observed that Engineers face number of problems related to Poverty, Illiteracy, and lack of Communication Skills. They have limited access to services provided by the Government Agencies, confines to home and deprived of basic opportunities which cannot be solved individually but by group efforts. Therefore, the Empowerment of Engineers through formalization of Self Help Group is the most effective way of Self-Reliance.