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Computing & Allied Engineering Domain in India with Reference to Private Universities: A Case Study of Masters Programs | Original Article

P. K. Paul* P. S. Aithal A. Bhuimali R. Rajesh in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Computer is one of the important and valuable devices today. Almost all the affairs these days are governed by the Computing and Information Technology. Engineering is a field and areas of knowledge that deals with the design, development, building, use of engines, machines, and structures for doing a specific task. Engineering previously called and treated as a field f hardcore activities and dealing but in recent past, the concept of the same has been changed and today many other emerging areas have been started in academics. Among these few important are Bio Technology, Nano Technology, Computer Technologies etc. Computing in today’s context treated as a designing, developing, building and applications of hardware and software systems in different context. In India also Computing and allied domains especially Information Technology has been started in engineering track as well. Many universities have started Computing, Computer Sciences, Information Technology and allied sciences in their Science and Engineering track, both. Engineering program in the context of Computing is offered in Engineering Colleges, Universities and other National and Autonomous institutions and universities. This is a conceptual study and deals with the detailed study of computing field available in Private Universities throughout India.