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Efficient Implementation of Hybrid System Using Solar PV and Biomass | Original Article

Naiyer Mumtaz* S. R. Awasthi in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


One of the primary requirements of our modern civilization in any aspect is the procurement of reliable electricity supply systems. Vast part of world’s population resides in rural areas. This paper discusses the renewable hybrid power generation system which is suitable for Baheya village situated in Jharkhand. All the load details of the village are collected and accordingly the amount of power to be generated is calculated. The technical, economic and C02 mitigation potential of solar PV-bio hybrid system is evaluated. Off grid hybrid power system is an attractive method to supply electricity to rural areas, especially for communities living far away from the main grid, where the grid extension is not possible. In this paper, a PV-biogas hybrid system has been modeled for the people of Baheya Village, which is located in the north eastern area of the Suwarnrekha River Ranchi. This village is under developed and lacks the electricity supply from the main grid due to its remote location. The PV-biogas hybrid system makes use of biogas and solar power to generate a major portion of the electricity as both solar irradiation and biomass is abundant in the village and it provides a green solution to the electricity shortage. The diesel generator is used to meet the energy demand at night which cannot be met by the renewable energy alone. In order to get a practical idea about technical and economical feasibility of setting up a hybrid renewable based power system in Baheya Village, some of the renewable based power plants located in different parts of the country were visited. Furthermore, a field survey is done in order to collect information about the population, load demand and to understand the socioeconomic condition of the village. The proposed PV- biogas hybrid system is able to provide cost effective, reliable and clean energy to the residents of the village.