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SMARTx: The Next Generation Learning Management System | Original Article

Ashish Hulle Ravikumar Purohit in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


With the present pandemic situation, to continue the teaching-learning process, remote education and eLearning is essential. Content creation, content delivery, assessment and feedback are the fourpillars of the remote teaching-learning process.Learning management system (LMS) is an engine which powers the remote teaching-learning process by automating content delivery, assessment and feedback stages. Although LMS offers a set of advantages, there are some demerits of the same. Aftera detailed analysis of eLearning and keeping demerits of present LMS, SMARTx learning platform is developed by Mr. Ashish Hulle. It offers a lot of advantages over present LMS and hardly has any demerit. Detailed discussion on different LMS available, merits and demerits of available LMS software, SMARTx platforms and features of SMARTx platform has been carried out in this paper.