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Innovation in Educational Technology | Original Article

C.Shobha Rao in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Information and knowledge are stuffed in myriad books in libraries and in other storage places round the globe. But every seeker may not, at the first place, have an access to and then be able to digest the contents when he/she goes through these directly. People concerned have been evolving techniques for the precise reason of sifting, explaining and disseminating the available information and knowledge among the seekers with ease. The extrapolation of the existing techniques may not be effective to do so as newer information and knowledge keep pouring in, in ever increasing volumes and complexity. Ever newer innovations in techniques have therefore to be invented to keep pace. This is what is being done by educationists, pedagogues and information-technologists incessantly at fervent pace. It is however not to say that innovation is the monopoly of these few alone. Every innovation-minded person may contribute their mite as long as the technique proves to be economical, ubiquitously available, simple, efficient and useful---the qualities that make it popular and adoptable.