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Impact of Lockdown on Small Businesses in India | Original Article

Kartik Jain Manisha Raj in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Out of all the economic crises occurred in the last decades, Coronavirus is one of the most harmful incidents. The report represents all the possible evaluations of the impact of lockdown on local businesses. The condition during this pandemic is obvious to be substandard and the ambition to grow and develop is become pointless, then what will be the outcome of this research? And even why does such a report is constructing whose result is already known? The simple answer is "expectations", the report will evaluate comparative conditions of local business and will provide the different expectations regarding the new strategies, new growth pattern, new business models, innovations and many more things which will help the businesses to revitalize their economic as well as social conditions. It is become important for businesses to revise their strategies for sustainable growth. The report will show all possible impact in a proper structure, importance of businesses in the economy and different influences of lockdown. Comparing the before lockdown and after lockdown conditions. All possible and related data are Analyzed with structured outcomes and results. Analyzing the data results and the business strategies concerning expectations to form the picture which will help in formulating the future prediction regarding economic growth as the most important component of the economy is "business". Therefore the future growth supposition is paramount.