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A Study of Organizational Culture and Organizational Performance | Original Article

Sukrati Rathore1 Monika Malviya2 in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Culture has been defined in many different ways and by many different theorists. For instance, according to Geert et al (2010) It is a way to differentiate one group of people with the other Kotter and Heskett (1992) pointed out in their study that it is something that developsand evolves continuously and this can be assessed through various scientific studies conducted on human behavior over a period of time. It involves the beliefs, value systems and behaviors in practice in a society. Moreover, Deal and Kennedy (1982) also tried to define culture in short as the ways and means in whichpeople conduct themselves in the society. In fact whenever there are a set of a few people, there emerges certain internal culture which is quite complex and also unique at the same time. This culture leads to augment the cohesiveness among the members and develop bond amongst them so that they work well in a team. Definitely, this culture is developed and nurtured through leadership, organizational history and workforce.Culture in general and Organizational cultures in specific are complex in nature. Organizational cultures have a strong impact during the evolution of any organization. A right culture improves the cohesion among employees and also enhances the creativity within the employee. This in a long run improves the economic efficiency of any organization. Hence it is imperative to understand how organizational culture affects the employee’s behaviors.

A good organizational culture improves the efficiency of the people working in the organization by giving each other the right direction and a sense of duty, accountability and responsibility towards each other and brings out development of an enterprise where its employees are motivated and lead towards improved work performance and thereby to work towards the strategic goals of the company. This positive environment in the workplace then becomes the culture in the organization and such organizations reap benefits of the same.