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Expected Changes in Education A Comparison on Education in the Industrial Society to Education in the Information Society | Original Article

Mrs. Lila Simon in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The processes by which meanings are created and shared with through ICT are the new literary practice in the present digital world. There are many terms used in the information society to describe the aspects of literacy like multimedia, interactive, ICT or digital literacy, etc. Each of them focuses on the operational aspects of using ICT. The recent shift of emphasis on expansion of the term IT to ICT indicates that the communication is now seen as a central component of the ICT capability and clearly depends on both “traditional” and “new” literacy. Through this paper, the researcher has tried to focus on the impact of emerging technology on teaching and learning. More focus has been given on existing digital technologies which have made the classroom teachings more effective. There has been a huge change in the attitudes among the students of the then industrial society to the now so called information society. This has raised eyebrows to realize the need of the present student community to adapt the fast growing digital scenario. Education being the utmost important field in a student’s life, the institutional heads has all the more focused on adoption of digital classrooms. The emerging trends with the advancement in technologies since the 1980’s to the present millennium have witnessed a great milestone. Though the then industrial society produced intellectuals with traditional methods of teaching–learning process, the present information society demands an in-depth learning of concepts in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics]. The study reveals the need of the present digital classroom learning with the increase in student’s levels of motivation, sense of self confidence, self sufficiency and greater aspirations and expectations. With the implementation of ICT tools, the academic standards have raised and the classes have now become more attentative, interactive and informative. With this upbringing, the educational institutions witnessed a vast change in the students just not in their studies but also in their overall personality as a lot has been inculcated into the student’s life with the change in technology.