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Frame Semantics: Cognitive Theory of Semantics | Original Article

Shruti Agarwal Deepti Sethi in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Past 2-3 decades a lot of stress has been given to "cognitive linguistics". Its approach is concerned with how the process and how patterns are conceived in conceptual content and organized. It targets the semantic structure of morphological and lexical forms. Cognitive linguistics, addresses two approaches to language. Firstly, it examines the formal properties of language from its conceptual perspective. Needless to say that it aims to analyze grammatical structure in terms of the functions which in turn works as representation of conceptual structure. Secondly, one of its most distinguishing features is, that it aims to connect its findings to the cognitive structures that relates to the psychological approach. It aims both to help account for the behavior of conceptual phenomena within language in terms of those psychological structures, and at the same time, to help work out some of the properties of those structures themselves on the basis of its detailed understanding of how language realizes them.