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Need and Importance of Environment Education in Secondary School: A Critical Analysis in Indian Context | Original Article

Uma Joshi Dr. B.C. Mahapatra in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Environmental education is considered one of the most important long-term solutions to the environmental crisis. Informal or alternative approaches in environmental education become ever more important in motivating attitudinal change. This paper is trying to focus on need and importance of environment education from school level to higher education globally and specific to Indian context secondary school education. Policy, prospects and recommendations by different committee in India and world are critically analyzed by the environmental thinkers are also presented. Research subject we investigate how this institutionalized educational activity is integrated into the general education of children, and what is its role in environmental awareness rising among schoolchildren. We focus on possibilities and difficulties to improve cooperation between public and nature schools for better environmental education. On the basis of our empirical observations of nature school sessions, interviews with schoolteachers, and interviews with nature interpreters an attempt is made to answer the research problem, and final statement of the research with a few recommendations included is presented.