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Disclosures Practices of BASEL Norms Adopted by Indian Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of Indian Public and Private Sector Banks | Original Article

Rajni Chabbra* L. N. Koli Deepti Maheshwari in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In the present scenario, for the healthy economy, it is necessary that the banking system grows fast and should be stable. For the development of any country, the banking sector plays an important role. . One of the most important aspects of the financial sector is the banking sector. Today, in this competitive environment, adaptation of the BASEL norms by Indian banking sector will help in making globally competitive and also help them in managing their risk in a better way. By keeping this point, this research paper highlights the existence of the BASEL Accords for the Indian banking sector. This research paper helps in having a deeper understanding of the emergence of Basel banking norms (Basel I), and the evolution of the subsequent regulations (Basel II and Basel III). This research paper also describes the difference between the Basel I, Basel II and Basel III. This research paper also highlights the disclosure practices adopted by the Indian public and private sector banks. It is concluded that the private sector banks disclosing the BASEL III requirements better than the public sector banks.