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Analysis of Threats Posed by SNSs with Reference To Level of Its Awareness among People | Original Article

Aakriti Goyal* Bharat Khurana H. K. Dangi L. N. Koli in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


With an easy availability of internet and growing awareness about the uses and facilities provided by the social networking sites, not only youth but people of all ages are getting attracted towards these social networking sites. Though the awareness about the use and facilities is increasing but the awareness about the threats posed by these social networking sites to the safety and security of the user and the measures to safeguard oneself from these threats are still lacking. The SNS providers have also made the process of signing into these sites a very easy task but understanding their privacy settings is not a childs play. People, in a wish to know people of diverse cultures and many only in a wish to increase the number of friends in their friend list keep on accepting friendship requests from unknown people. While doing so, most of the time they are unaware that this small act may make them a victim of cyber-crime. In order to protect users of SNSs from cyber-crime, efforts are required to be made both by SNS providers and users of SNSs. SNS providers can make privacy settings more user friendly and can create awareness about use of privacy settings.