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Simulation of Thermal Environment of a Conditioned Space at Different Air Supply Conditions by CFD Analysis | Original Article

Manoj Kumar Sharma* in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Human comfort in conditioned spaces is the prime objective of air conditioning system design engineer. Air distribution in the conditioned spaces affects the human comfort. Several researchers have examined this human comfort in the conditioned spaces for various parameters of air conditioning and proposed the modifications in the system design and operation. Several new technologies have also been proposed by the researchers for it. Research is also reported in literature for the scope of energy savings through alternative technology of air distribution. It is this objective of the present work to simulate the indoor temperature distribution in a typical conditioned room in which air is supplied at a particular typical value of temperature and velocity most commonly used in practice through three case of supply air vent location. For this analysis numerical technique widely used by the researchers in present time, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been used. The geometrical model is prepared is prepared in GAMBIT and Fluent is used for analysis purpose. The results are presented in the form of temperature and velocity contours in the room at three planes taken in the conditioned space. Vertical temperature and velocity distribution is shown with the help of plots at various location of the room. For comparison purpose the temperature and velocity plots have been compared for the three different cases of location of supply air vent