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Fuzzy Speed Control Method in Three Phase Induction Motor | Original Article

Divya Rai* S. R. Nigam in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This paper presents the theory, design and simulation of a controller based on fuzzy logic artificial intelligence techniques used for the speed control of three-phase induction motor. The motor model is designed and membership functions are chosen according to the parameters of the motor model. This technique adjusts the speed of the motor by controlling the frequency and amplitude of the stator voltage, keeping the ratio V/f constant. The simulations have been done by Simulink Toolbox in Matlab and the results are interesting considering the presence of non-linearity in the IM model. Torque-speed response of the proposed control system is investigated. The simulation results demonstrate that the performance of the FLC is better than that of the conventional one. When fuzzy logic based intelligent controller is used instead of the PI controller, excellent performance can be achieved even in the presence of parameter variations and non-linearity. The proposed FLC requiring less circuitry can control speed with fast response and good stability. Fuzzy logic technique is a replacement of the conventional method in the machine control applications for efficient control. The fuzzy logic has advantages compared to conventional methods such as simplicity of control, low cost, and the possibility to control without knowing the exact mathematical model of plant The main advantage of using fuzzy logic controller is that, without having deep knowledge of the induction motor, it is easier to design a well-performing speed control system.