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Smart phones Impacting Customer Mobile Behaviour in India | Original Article

Arun Kumar Dogra* Ranjan Kumar in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Data User has in India grown 109% in year 2016 when compared to year 2014 and in year 2017 this is further expected to grow more than 40%.There are various predictions across telecom industry when we try to discuss the reason of such overblown growth year on year. Few people say this is a result of paradigm shift of customers from traditional 2G to 3G and further 4G technology while some people says this is been contributed by the abundance of App based way of working where people migrating their traditional voice usage to data usage. Also there are few theories also confirm about how rural and urban gap is narrowed and various factors like telecom/internet connectivity, increased literacy level, increased virtual social life etc. These theories explain ushow all these factors impact customer’s mobile behaviourbut in this paper will discuss on changes in mobile phone use and its impact on customer telecom behaviour.