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Hacker’s Hacking Technique | Original Article

Abhishek Gupta* Jatinder Singh Mahnas in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Today Hacking has been one of the common practices made by the computer expert in order to try and find vulnerabilities in a network infrastructure. In this paper I have mentioned types of Hackers and types of technique used by them. The word “hacking” has two definitions. The first definition refers to the hobby/profession of working with computers. The second definition refers to modifies computer hardware or software in a way that changes the creator’s original intent. Traditionally, a Hacker is someone who likes to play with Software or Electronic Systems. Hackers enjoy exploring and learning how computer systems operate. They love discovering new ways to work electronically. Recently, Hacker has taken on a new meaning that someone who finds weaknesses in a computer or computer network, though the term can also refer to someone with advanced understanding of computers and computer networks. Finanly I recommend that hacking is the skill miracle so everyone want to become hacker but please used this skill to destroy the crime from society but not to become a criminal.