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PR Communications in Health Sector – A Pilot Study | Original Article

Vijay Singh Rathore* Neha Mathur Kaustubh Jain in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This pilot study focuses on the role of PR communications in health sector and how these communications will persuade as important among the patients. As Public Relation activities has become life-blood for all the organizations so as to create positive image and brand in the market. 10 multi-specialty hospitals of Bhopal city has been selected as study area and a sample of 10 respondents was selected from each hospitals. Personal interviews with the selected patients have been conducted through the designed questionnaire. It was found that Reputation, Behaviour of staff and Sponsorship were the most important PR communications which brings the patients to that particular hospitals and plays a major role while selecting the hospitals for treatment. It is suggested that more focus should be given for portraying the Behaviour of staff and sponsorship activities of the hospital to build the positive image of the hospital. Also, patients with different educational background differs in their opinion with respect to the PR communication factors hence it is suggested to design an effective communication messages so that people belonging to different educational background can easily understand the messages and persuade in the way hospital desires them to do.