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Developing an Innovative Working Model of Hydro Electric Power Plant through `Kabad Se Jugad' | Original Article

B. L. Shilpi* S. R. Awasthi in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


AISECT University is the first university in private sector in Madhya Pradesh which focused on research, practical exposure and skill development in higher education. One of the initiatives taken was the creation of a Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE) in the university which is developing various training facilities and also making efforts towards a greener campus. An Energy Park is a part of CRE which will have many working demonstration models of energy generation, management and conservation. What sets this Energy Park apart from similar other set-ups is the fact that this is being developed using university's own resources with lot of innovative ideas. A full working model of Hydro Electric Power Plant has been developed for the Energy Park using waste material/scrap (kabad). This model is the first of its kind which depicts full working of a Hydro Power Plant providing conceptual knowledge to actual working and motivating students for research & innovation.