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Solar Powered Micro Irrigation System: A Promising Option | Original Article

Dilip Yewalekar* Manisha Kinge in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Solar power is very curious subject flaming all over world in all sectors from space station to agro-irrigation because of unlimited availability of free solar radiation without proprietorships and non-judicial! Concerning to use of solar power in micro irrigation sector is in primeval stage because of lack of unawareness on design aspects and exceptional types of electro-mechanical machines to pressurized micro irrigation system. In broad-spectrum micro irrigation is a pressurized irrigation system requires electrical/gasoline powered centrifugal pump-set to generate unswervingly pressure for irrigation of crops mainly for 16-20 hours to meet the crop demand on daily basis. Means, while irrigating the crops for 16-20 hours on daily basis, recurring cost of electricity or fuel becomes enormous resulting in non-sustainability and viability of agri-irrigation projects. That's the reason in many parts in the world agriculture is diminishing and agriculture land is turning to desertification. Second hot issue is shortage of power! Demand vs supply ratio of power is so truncated every year, that none of the Government is enduring to overcome this ratio in future in spite of allocation of huge funds. UN report says that there is a deficit of 21-85% electricity in many countries and increasing @ 7-15 % every year. Hence, more thrust is given to alternative renewable and sustainable source of energy i.e. Solar Power! Although, solar radiation is freely available, it has limitation and is not so cost effective to afford & reliable to everyone. Countries positioned across the equator have wide scope of harvesting maximum solar power 350 water?. Potential of solar energy decreases while proceeding towards north-south poles @ 3 to 5 % per degree of latitude. However, solar energy harvesting is dependent on temperature, relative humidity, clouds, latitude, longitude and obstructions at the particular location. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire the climatic data from nearest meteorological station. Base on meteorological data, potential of solar energy harvested can be estimated for design purpose along with solar module and allied equipment. Since solar radiation is available in a day time for generation of power, the entire irrigation to crops has to be concluded in a day time most preferably. Obviously all the design calculation is based on the fluctuation of solar radiation from morning to evening and season to season to meet the crop water demand. The concern article throws light on fundamental of solar energy and design principles & considerations and its usefulness micro irrigation system.