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The Economics of Public Health Care in India: Some Introspection’s | Original Article

Nanjunda in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


India is rapidly growing country in the world. Since Independence, India has made a positive attempt to improve the status of people in our country by introducing various policies and programmes at social sectors. The Health sector is also one of the important sectors which will come under social sector. There is a responsibility of the government that to maintain the health status of its citizen and also provide a good health facilities to all. In various five years plans, Govt. has given high priorities for public health facilities providing special allocations in the budget. Now a days the issue of public expenditure took vital important, especially in the health sector. It also impact on the per capita income of the nation and progress of the country. Still there is a lack of facilities in health sector including poor infrastructure facilities; lack of doctors, medicines, lack of advanced technology, motivation etc. These are all effects on the progress of the country. Hence, presently India took it as a challenge and made a positive attempt to create a globalized health standard in the country. It can create a number of job opportunities, business opportunities to attract the foreign investment and mainly to improve the health status of all people especially focused on rural people. This paper is deals with the public health expenditure in India.