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Research and Innovation: Present Scenario “A Study on Special Education Programme at Primary Level under SSA Schools in District Betul of M.P. State- An Evaluative Study” | Original Article

Sharad Sundaram P.K.Patil in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Over the past decade, there has been a momentous and dire increase in the incidence and prevalence of children with developmental disabilities. This has raised concerns and stirred the interest of significant people like parents/carers, teachers, doctors, allied health professionals, and all those related to the cause of improving the quality of life of these children. There has been some remarkable work in this field with increasing awareness among parents/carers, professionals and the community in general. Lot of the focus has been on developing systems and resources to enhance the process of rehabilitating these children and including them in the mainstream society. Over time, various professionals and organizations have experimented, in their own respective areas of interest and Specializations, on a variety of methodologies in a quest to find the optimal strategy of working with children to enhance their quality of life. There are presently many schools/organizations and governmental and non-governmental clinics/hospitals and various other systems that are providing undoubted quality of rehabilitation services. We are also witnessing a rapid growth in the number of institutions and organizations dedicated to the advocacy of the cause. In spite of all the goodwill, hard work and dedication of the people involved, we still seem to be inadequately equipped to support this surge. It leads a question to the society that which type of the system we need? In the specific reference of the Special l Education we are trying to cope up with the child’s specific need.)