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Team Work Soft Skills - an Innovation in Teachers’ World Present Scenario: A Case Study | Original Article

Ku. Kali Clara Anand in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


An innovation is a new thought, concept or behavior that is deliberate, purposeful land indicates a special change. It is accepted with a purpose to bring about the positive change in the existing practice or system. It is well planned and systematic effort. Team teaching is one of the innovations in instructional organization to ensure opium use of resources, interest and expertise. The author draws the attention of secondary teachers towards this innovation in teaching learning process. The analysis is based on survey method of 6 different secondary school male female teachers of Khunti Dist. Jharkhand. Random sample was drawn from 92 secondary school teachers to collect the data self- constructed and standardized tool was developed and used to administer the test. Pearson Product moment correlation and t - test were used to analyses the data. Findings of the study revealed that there is no significant difference in the level of problem solving skills in male and female secondary school teachers.