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Multimedia an Innovative Instructional Technology for Learning Solution | Original Article

Shailendra Kumar Soni Prof.(Dr.)B.C. Mahapatra in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This paper explores the need and importance of Instructional Technology with special reference to Multimedia based Learning technology in teaching learning process. With today's multimedia courseware, once a programme has been designed and built in with the appropriate responses, it should be flexible and permit change and alteration. Multimedia is a term frequently heard and discussed among educational technologists today. In essence, multimedia merges multiple levels of learning into an educational tool that allows for diversity in curricula presentation. The principle of instructional technology and learning technology are associated with the learners’ achievement. Intervention of technology in the teaching learning process as a result of Educational Technology is the product of instructional and learning process. Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the burning issues now days in our teaching learning process. For many of us, the lure of computers is a powerful one. Better understanding in the part of learners, applications of pedagogical issues related to learning process with respect to their developmental stages are the remarkable area for educational problems. Intervention of ICT, Multimedia Based learning Environment from facilitation to obstructers are also critically analysed in this paper.