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Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching In Mathematics- a Review | Original Article

Rajesh Rathod* in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The Main Objective of the Study Was to Find Out the Mistakes Done By the Students In Factorization, Give the Remedial Teaching and to Compare the Mean Score of Pre Remedial Test or Diagnostic Test and Post Remedial Test or Posttest In the Unit of Factorization. In the Present Study Researcher Select the School With Purposive Sampling Technique. on the Basis of Diagnosis Test 35 or Below Scorer Students Were Selected For the Remedial Teaching. Out of 60 Students 32 Students Were Included For Remedial Teaching In the Unit of Factorization. Researcher Formed a Diagnosis Test to Find Out the Mistakes. Researcher Measure the Effectiveness of Remedial Teaching With the Use of Posttest Which Is Formed on the Basis of Content of Factorization. In the Present Study Researcher Used Experimental Research Method and “Single Group Pretest-Posttest Experimental Design.” As Research Design. Researcher Used T-Test For the Comparison of Pretest and Posttest of the Students. Students Were Done Mistakes In Various Formula Like, (X + A) (X + B) = X2 + (X + B) X + Ab, (X+A) (X-A) = X2 – A2 , (X ± A)2 = X2 ±2Xa + A2 and (A + B + C)2 = A2 +B2 + C2 +2Ab +2Bc + 2Ca. As Per Result, Remedial Teaching Is Effective For the Better Understanding the Various Formulas and Concept Clarity of Factorization In Mathematics.