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Prospects of Green Economy for Sustainable Growth in Developing Country | Original Article

Nupur Nigam* Rajendra Sharma Deepti Maheshwari in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Discussion on sustainable economy took place decades back, but due to the continuously devastating environment and changes in the climate gave the birth to Green Economy. Green Economy has now become the global agenda. On June 2012, Major UN Conference was held on Sustainable Development and the central theme was Green Economy. According to United Nations Environment Program, Green Economy is a system of economic activities which included production, distribution and consumption of goods and services which help in the development of human welfare for a longer period of time without affecting the need of future generation and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity. The research paper focuses, how Green economy affects the various sectors like Agriculture, employment, Preservation of Biodiversity as well as Business. It is a descriptive research which will highlight the role of the Green economy in nurturing the diverse sectors of a Developing country.