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Women Entrepreneurship in India: A Review Paper | Original Article

Pallavi Rao Chaturvedil* Sangeeta Jauhari Deepti Maheshwari in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Entrepreneurial spirit is not a male prerogative. Women entrepreneurship has gained momentum in the last three decades with the increase in the number of women enterprises and their substantive contribution to economic growth. The industrial performance of Asia-Pacific region propelled by Foreign Direct Investment, technological innovations and manufactured exports has brought a wide range of economic and social opportunities to women entrepreneurs. In this dynamic world, women entrepreneurs are an important part of the global quest for sustained economic development and social progress. The present paper is a small attempt to understand the viewpoints of various researchers towards the term entrepreneurship in general and also with women perspective and also to define various angles they have covered in their studies. The prime objective of the research paper is to critically understand various researchers point of view towards the term entrepreneurship in general and women entrepreneurship in specific. For the purpose of study secondary data has been gathered and descriptive research method is being used.