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Dynamics of Job-Satisfaction and Teaching-Competency among Secondary School Teachers a Case Study | Original Article

Rekha Gupta* Bilal Ahmed in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This paper provides overviews of Job-satisfaction and Teaching competency of secondary school teachers in district Bhopal and Raison of Madhya Pradesh. Firstly, the paper tries to find out different dimensions of job satisfaction of teachers like professional, domestic and inter-personal etc. Secondly, the paper scrutinizes the relationship between Job-satisfaction and teaching-competency of sec. teachers. It is also designed to find out the reasons for differences in teaching-competency of see, school teachers particularly with references to sex and demographics. The underlying factors of job satisfaction and teaching-competency are domestic satisfaction, individual satisfaction, emotional satisfaction, job-security, etc. The present study was conducted on 200 sec. school teachers of Bhopal region. On the basis of random sampling technique, out of 200 sec school teachers 100 were rural (50 male and 50 female) and 100 urban (50 male and 50 female). General Teaching Competency Scale by Passi and Lalitha and a self- designed job satisfaction questionnaire were executed in this study. The data was subjected to mean, S.D. and t-value of statistical treatment. Evidences suggest that there is a significant difference in job-satisfaction and teaching competency among see, school teachers. The finding of the research also concludes that there is a positive relationship between job satisfaction and teaching competency.