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A Study on Visual Secret Sharing Scheme using Speech Recognition Method | Original Article

Mukesh Kumar* Sonu Kumar Jha Dilip Kumar Monu Bhagat in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme and Speech recognition method, both aremainly used for digital security. By using Random grid based technique Visual secret sharing schemes are used for performing decryption. But in many cases, it may be decrypted by applying different methodologies. Actually, VSS allows confidential message to be encrypted into (k, n), (n, n) or different secret scheme. In (k, n) it can define k as threshold and n as some group. So when n ≥ k then the confidential message can be acquired by these participants. Visual Secret Sharing Scheme is interesting because for decryption, even if, there is no knowledge of complex cryptography algorithm then also, it can perform decryption. Hence, based on this scheme, a new method is proposed to examine VSSS that uses speech recognition method, as proposed in this method.