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Financial Integration & Indian Commercial Banks | Original Article

Shweta Bhatnagar Dr. Deepti Maheshwari Dr.Sangeeta Jauhari in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


A well developed financial sector forms the core of a stable and progressive economy. Irrespective of the development stature it is indispensable for all types of economies. The strategic move of librealisation has caused far reaching impacts on Indian financial sector. The extent of expansion and diversification in financial services clearly indicates this paradigm shift. However, the main thrust is on best adaptation to these forces, both, at national and international, level through sound policy framework to derive optimum benefits. In present times, financial service sector has become very vast in its scope and function. Therefore, for the purpose of carrying out this study, it has been specifically narrowed down to Indian Commercial Banking sector. Since banking sector forms the core of organized financial sector. The phenomenon of integration of financial markets has lead to emergence of Global Financial Markets, which in turn, has opened up vast avenues for banks. A radical change in operations, expansion and orientation of banks is clearly visible over the years. However, opportunities of this type are coupled with its own unique challenges, which call for policy prudence to safeguard the interest of people, stability of the financial sector and economy as a whole. Here, in this paper we strive to find the extent to which factors underlying financial stability of Indian Commercial Banks (both public and private sector) have been explored and the scope of further exploration that lies ahead under this topic.