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TESS India MOOC: Enabling Teacher Educators and Teachers for Quality Education in Madhya Pradesh | Original Article

Anil Prakash Shrivastava* in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) are freely available, short courses, delivered online. They have the potential to engage a large numbers of learners at any one time. Online learning culture provides opportunities for collaboration, peer support and professional learning throughout careers. The TESS-India MOOC is designed as an open and free professional development opportunity of E- learning for teacher educators, Teachers and Trainee Teachers in the Indian context. It is a small task—oriented course of Six week Titled "Enhancing Teacher Education through OER: TESS-India" in English and further introduced first time in Hindi Medium on Edx Platform as-"OER =num 4 awnvw-ftwr w to4h(ur (TESS-4140" focuses on OER engagement and use in teacher education - with a particular focus on the TESS-India OER. After having a Successful pilot with 46 Teacher Educators and Education officers of Madhya Pradesh, the MOOC was scaled up from 23" November 2015 -15 January 2016 and 21' Nov. 2016-13th January 2017. About 846 Teacher Educators-Teachers form various TEls i.e. VISE, SISE, CTE and DIET across the state has completed the course in English and 1600 has completed the MOOC in Hindi from Madhya Pradesh. The course explores how the teacher educators and teachers can experience self-learning, reflection, assimilation and articulation of new ideas by using OER in the design and delivery of teacher education programmes to help them bring about the transformation of classroom teaching-learning and promote E learning as well as use of IT in transformation of knowledge. Setting up a benchmark, it has provided a huge support in achieving the quality aspects in classroom teaching learning tinder Evaluation for improvement, a School Standard and Evaluation framework programme called "Shaala Siddhi" Hamari Shala Aise Ho" in the State. Present paper is an attempt to present an over view of the course taken up so far and its success and significance for Teacher Education.