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A Study on Ethical Transformation in Higher Education with Special Reference to University Social Responsibility | Original Article

Ankita Srivastava* L. N. Koli in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Universities play very important role in any society. In this era the universities face a new set of environment and challenges that need to be dealt independent from governmental state support. These new environment challenges will have their impact on the quality of education, university autonomy, academic freedom and their changing focus and responsibilities towards the societies. The best approach of the universities is to adapt the new environment and understand the new concept of the university social responsibility. In the higher education we do not consider its excellence only in respect of academic subject, as a green campus area, ethics curriculum and in communities’ engagement, but also in a value orientation, teaching quality, teaching staffs as well as the students. We consider respective parameters of ethical values in higher education, responsible leadership unethical researches open or distance educations systems. The pilot study and self diagnosis of internal public perceptions has been done regarding university social responsibility.