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Rethinking Media Education Model in India: A Critical Study | Original Article

Alok Kumar Jha* Rachana Gangwar in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


A look into the history shows that the Media education has gone through significant uprising during the eighties and Nineties. Over the seventy-five years, Media education has not gained the identification of professional education and has failed in structuring Social and economic infrastructure. After independence, training of mass communication and journalism was started in various universities, but unfortunately, we have not been able to build any model of 'media education' till date. The result of the education department's absurdity that we are facing this kind of media education. In other words, for 'journalism' it was assumed that everyone can enter into this profession, everyone can do it. In this way, all were ready to teach 'journalism'. Today, issues faced Media education in India related to theory versus practical, updating curriculum and syllabus. This study focused primarily on key issues and challenges in media education in India such as What are the issues and challenges in Media education in India?Why there is a gap between the media industry and media sector? What should be the Media education model in India? How to bridge a gap between media academia and media industry? This study is based on normative theory. The normative theory describes ‘what should be’. This study based on the existing researchers’opinion. Also,researcher follows Abductive research approach to understand the secondary data and expert’s opinion ( understand the opinion of media educators and media professionals on issues and challenges of media education in India). Hence, on the basis of this study,the researcher has tried to construct a model that will uplift media education and overcome issues and challenges.