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Phytoremediator Plants Tolrance Level by Showing Effect of Heavy Metal on Growth Pattern of a Plant | Original Article

Pragya Shah* Jaya Sharma Suchi Modi in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Heavy metals (Pb,Cd,Cr etc) are hazardous to human beings, plants, animals. Due to industrialization, sewage human activities etc, they are dumped into the soil ,air, water Increase in concentration of heavy metals reduction in length of aerial parts roots, shoots of a plant is observed. Increase in dry weight is also observed in the presence of heavy metals. Reduction in length of aerial parts root, shoot of a plant is observed at160-170mg and above of heavy metal. The present study suggests that Phytoremediator Plants have 60-95 of tolerance level. Decrease in length of root, shoot suggests that the heavy metal transferred to Root and shoot. Increase in dry weight suggests that heavy metal is affecting the seedling and removal of heavy metal from soil near root area. Reduction in lengths of aerial parts is observed at higher concentrations and the plants tolerance level is also high at particular concentrations which suggests that they have maximum Phytoremediation capacity.