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Considerations and Challenges in Switchyard Planning of Hydel Power Projects | Original Article

Deepak Joshi in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


ABSTRACT: In this article,  we are discussing planning of switchyards of hydel power stations. The   switchyards are planned depending upon number of units, number of feeders and the voltage level. In case of thermal plants, normally plain area is available near power house building. It is just like to make a drawing on clean black board. We can plan the switchyards as per the established practice of the generating company.

However, in the case of hydel power stations, the project is tailor-made. Its layout varies from project site to site. The switchyard, in some cases, may have to be planned quite away from power station depending upon the availability of plain land. Sometimes, due to hard rocks, it is quite costly to create plain area for switchyards. Therefore, the switchyard may have to be planned quite away from power house building. Generator Transformers are generally located near to the power house building from where H.V. feeders are taken to switchyard by installing suitable towers or sometimes suitable anchoring in the dam body.