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Experimental Methodology of Advanced Green House Solar Dryer by Evaluating the Temperature Distribution and Mass Transfer | Original Article

Anurag Bagri in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



The geothermal energy has finite use; biomass and other derivatives (wood and charcoal) are highly efficient in comparison with other energy sources still with dwindling sources of biomass there is need to find alternatives. On top of this there is continuously pollution growth, resources depletion and climate change due to continuous use of conventional fuels. The earth and its atmosphere absorb 3.8×1024 J/yr of incoming solar energy. In the solution of energy needs, solar inform of renewable energy source can play a very important role.  Cost effectiveness of many renewable sources including solar has been improved there through research and technological developments. It is expected that about middle of this century half of the world’s energy needs is likely to be met by the renewable energy and mainly solar energy.