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Growth of Indian Agriculture Export during Covid-19 Pandemic | Original Article

Tejas K Kutty Sangeeta Jauhari in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



India has a well established and ever prospering Agriculture Sector and it occupies a leading position in global trade of agricultural products. There are multiple factors which favour India’s Agri-Export trade. The recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had pushed the Global Economy into a state of pre recession and many sectors recorded negative growth in 2020. But the Agriculture sector in India has outperformed its production from the past years and equipped the nation with self sufficiency and buffer stock for export. This Paper studies the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on India’s Agriculture Export sector. The study reveals that the Agri- export sector has shown a record growth this year and the highest since 2003-04. It discusses the various factors which have contributed to this development. This paper also suggests the various measures and course of action to be adopted to further diversify the India’s global trade of Agricultural Products.