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Review on Lean Management | Original Article

Vishal Verma 1 Dr. Neha Mathur 2 Dr. Atul Loomba 3 in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




The aim of this study is to review literatures on lean management. Many industries faced different challenges due to the emergence of globalization that led to low productivity which by augmentation evacuated the profitability level of firms intervening in global market. Lean management is amidst the management strategies that are acquiring currency at overturning this diminishing organizational profitability. The approach and method in which lean management is executed in service industry vary from manufacturing. Therefore, one of the easy methods for directing the issue of customers’ satisfaction is to apply the method of Lean Management. The objective of this study is to perform a review of literature on the subject matter by exploring the different perspectives of scholars on the issues associated to the adoption of Lean Management Practices in an organization. The outcome of this study and paper has shown that for every industry to achieve competitive advantage and remain profitable it is essential to adopt lean management practices and accordingly, it will enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, these approaches will help managers to bring down or remove waste, inventory reduction, diminishing lead time, less rework and financial savings. It is recommended for all the organizations likewise manufacturing or Services industries to adopt lean management practices in the light of tough global competition and growing cost on the local environment.