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Agriculture Education for Rural Development in Jharkhand | Original Article

Dr. Arvind Kumar1 Dr. Pramod Kumar Naik2 in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




Rural development is a strategy for reducing poverty and to uplift socio-economic infrastructures in rural areas especially through agriculture development which is almost impossible without proper management of agriculture graduates and trained farmers. An attempt is made in this paper to examine the transformative role of responsible public and private mechanism, skilled farmers and agriculture graduates for achieving ultimate goals and objectives of agricultural policies and rural development efforts during various plan periods. Most of agriculture graduates have to be encouraged to work with farmers and need to be devoted in agricultural based occupations. This situation suggests that the state is still potential destination form the perspectives commercial farming and agricultural transformation. The government need to give excessive emphasize to providing accessible and affordable agriculture education opportunities to socio-economically backward students whose family members are still working in agriculture sectors. The government needs to expand agricultural service delivery mechanism and mobilize agriculture graduates and post graduates in remote areas. The private sectors also need to invest in agriculture sectors for the people struggling against food insecurity.