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A Study of Millets: Nutritional, Agricultural, and Socioeconomic Perspectives | Original Article

Dinesh Kumar Soni in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



The resurgence of interest in millets, small-seeded grains, stems from their potential impact on nutrition, agriculture, and socioeconomic progress. This study aims to provide a comprehensive panorama of millets, unveiling their multifaceted attributes from nutritional value to pivotal roles in agriculture with implications for both the economy and society. Recent times highlight millets' relevance in addressing global concerns, flourishing in diverse environments with resource efficiency. This study investigates their nutritional dimensions, recognizing their potential to combat malnutrition and enhance health outcomes. Beyond nutrition, the study explores millets' interplay with agriculture, highlighting their resilience to climatic challenges and eco-friendly growth. Their economic and societal effects are examined, revealing their power to revitalize rural economies and bridge urban-rural gaps. Ultimately, this study offers an upgraded understanding of millets, aiming to drive a sustainable, nourished, and harmonious future through interdisciplinary exploration.